6. Intersectionality and Running

This week we chat with Olivia Levy and Kahle Richardson, two BIPOC runners in the Toronto running community, about the social intersectionality of gender, race, and class in running. Olivia and Kahle may both be runners of color, but they have their own social identities which create a unique running experience. We discuss how the generalization of BIPOC runners in conversations might be leaving out other aspects of their identity.

Within the BIPOC community, we all have different social identities even though we all may be people of color, so that means we all have different experiences within it.

Olivia Levy

We’ll also discuss how to make running and races more accessible to BIPOC runners and how run crews, race directors, run brands, and others can help.

To learn more about Olivia, you can follow her on Instagram at: @liv_levy

To learn more about Kahle, you can follow him on Instagram at: @sweetleaf83

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5. The Art of Running Recovery

This week we’re speaking with a panel of paramedical professionals about running injuries from prevention to treatment and everything in between! What we love about these guests is they’re not only treating the running community, they’re members of the running community! Melissa, Nate, and Brittany may provide different paramedical services to runners, but they all have a common goal; educating runners so they can avoid injuries in the future.

You just have to kind of take a step back and take a look at your whole self, your whole situation, at that time and take into account those external things that can be having an impact.

Brittany Moran

We’ll cover why they chose their respective career paths, the services they offer to their clients, and the importance of listening to your body. Our guests will also share how Covid-19 has impacted their practices and the precautions they are taking to ensure their patients are safe while getting treated at their respective places of business.

To learn more about Melissa, you can follow her on Instagram at: @melissad_rmt

To learn more about Nate, you can follow him on Instagram at: @torunningphysio

To learn more about Brittany, you can follow her on Instagram at: @torunningchiro

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4. Lyndsay Tessier

Lyndsay Tessier discovered she loved running at an early age and, when she didn’t make the cross country team in elementary school, Lyndsay continued to watch the other runners practice solely because she loved the sport so much. The cross country coach would eventually agree to allow Lyndsay to participate in an inter-school fun run where she went on to win, resulting in an invite to join the team. Lyndsay would continue to have success running cross country, but would eventually stop running in High School when the expectations of placing took away from her love of the sport.

You’re putting one leg in front of the other and that’s something to be proud of. No matter what.

Lyndsay Tessier

Lyndsay wouldn’t return to the sport until her early 30s when a childhood friend joined a Running Room half marathon clinic and convinced her to do the same. Lyndsay would go on to finish her first half marathon at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and the passion and love for the sport was rekindled.

In this episode we’ll discuss Lyndsay’s road race success and her truly inspiring rise to become one of Canada’s fastest long distance runners. We’ll also discuss how running influences her work as an elementary school teacher and how she emphasizes the importance of having fun as the school’s cross country coach.

To learn more about Lyndsay, you can follow her on Instagram at @lyndsaytessier

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3. Moe Bsat

Moe Bsat is as equally passionate about running as he is about bringing awareness to diversity in the running community. In this episode, Moe share’s how he got his start as a runner, his experience as a BIPOC runner, and his thoughts on diversity in the Toronto running community and beyond.

In 2018, Moe left Toronto for Hamilton and soon recognized a need to create a space for runners that reflected his vision of how a run crew could be, so he created The Air Up There Run Crew (@air_up_there_rc) with his Co-Founder Brad, a runner he met on Strava!

When you partner with the right people, they’ll inspire you to keep going

Moe Bsat

This past June, drawing inspiration from a yoga studio owner in Hamilton who created a BIPOC only yoga class, Moe dedicated a day of the week for an Air Up There BIPOC only run to serve as a place of healing and the results paid off immediately. Moe also draws parallels between running and social justice in a way that listeners can truly understand and explains why he is working so hard as a lawyer with the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic and member of the Anti-Racism – Anti-Oppression board to keep fighting for social justice and why you should too!

To learn more about Moe, you can follow him on Instagram at: @elginsdiner

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2. Brendan Carpenter

Brendan Carpenter always struggled with his weight, even as an active child and young adult. Several years ago, Brendan experienced two events where he was publicly humiliated resulting in the decision to make a change. Brendan joined a gym and eventually started running. It wasn’t always easy and he did experience a few setbacks along the way, but Brendan never quit.

If my words or what I write or what I do inspires 1 person or 100, but even if that person is myself, then it’s worth it to share it.

Brendan Carpenter

After winning a radio contest for a local race, Brendan’s focus shifted from weight loss to personal accomplishments. He would ultimately finish the race with an incredible time and hasn’t looked back. Brendan’s weight loss journey has transformed into a fitness journey where he leverages his Tik Tok and Instagram online presence to inspire others by sharing his runs as well as the workouts he performs in his “Shred Shed.”

We’ll also discuss the running community in both Toronto and Peterborough, what’s next for Brendan’s running journey, and what advice he has for those looking to start running.

To learn more about Brendan, you can follow him on Instagram at: @brecarperuns

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1. Frontrunners Toronto

Frontrunners Toronto was founded in 1987 as a chapter of the International Frontrunners organization. The LGBTQ+ run crew is made up of runners and friends of all abilities, from novices to advanced runners, for recreation, health and friendship. 

It’s nice to have a no pressured event to go to that’s fun. where you can get to know people and just not feel scared to be yourself.

Scott Joudrey – Frontrunners Toronto

In this episode, we are joined by Lisa Sweetman (@thislisasweetman), one of the newest team members of Runners of the Six as well as two members of the Frontrunners Toronto Executive team, Val Leon (@valemouse14) and Scott Joudrey (@sjoudrey). We’ll discuss the importance of having an LGBTQ+ run crew in Toronto and how running communities and races be more inclusive of the LGBT2Q+ community.

To learn more about Frontrunners Toronto, you can follow them on Instagram at: @frontrunnerstoronto

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0. Intro

Welcome to The Longest Stride podcast! In this debut episode, we’ll introduce you to your co-hosts Jonathan (@runthesix) and Dre (@dreizle) and attempt to explain why we started this podcast.

The goal is to bring you a new episode each week! Let’s go!

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