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A weekly conversation with the GTA Running Community
Co-hosted by André Morgan (@dreizle) and Jonathan Greenwald (@runthesix)

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  • 54. ManDem Cycling Club on Building Community One Pedal Stroke at a Time

     At the height of the pandemic and increasing racial tensions in the United States, Chris McGarrell found himself in a dark place. With gyms and basketball courts closed, Chris would return […]

  • 53. GoldFinger Track Club on Driving Change Through Running

     Jerry Francois always had a sense he could run fast but the schools he attended growing up in Brooklyn didn’t have access to a track nor the funding for a cross […]

  • 52. Fuel Simply with Endurance Tap

     In 2014, two friends came together to solve a problem in the sports nutrition market. Matt Smith and Patrick Stark, both passionate about sports and nutrition, recognized the market lacked real […]

  • 51. Jay Crews on Fitness Photography and Social Media

     There’s no question platforms like Instagram and Facebook have transformed how we create and share content and how brands leverage content in marketing and advertising. In this episode, we chat with […]

  • 50. Latoya Shauntay Snell on Body Politics in Athletics

     “I got to a place where I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m looking at all these people curate their lives on social media and their […]

  • 49. Eddie Lee and April Cockshutt on The Healing Power of Zen & Tonic

     April Cockshutt and Eddie Lee met at Sir Wilfrid Laurier University while April was pursuing a degree in International Business and Marketing and Eddie was pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. When […]

  • 48. Jacky Hunt-Broersma: Cancer Survivor, Amputee, Ultramarathoner

     “That’s part of the reason why I do a lot of these hard races is to show well, you know what, you can do anything that you put your heart and […]

  • 47. Filsan Abdiaman on Exploring Matters of The Heart Through Running

    “My relationship with running shifted. It was around the time I started doing ultra racing and trail running when it actually really switched for me. I would run to just work on […]

  • 46. April and Melanie Boultbee on Ultrarunning and the Indigenous Running Community

    April and Melanie Boultbee are twin, Indigenous runners who have been blazing a trail in the running community for more than 25 years. Early on, April and Melanie had great success running […]

  • 45. Lindsay Scott on Building Better Runners

    “The fun part about running is every experience, every race, every training run is an opportunity to learn something. Put that into your back pocket and try to tease out what works […]

  • 44. Baring it all with the Toronto Wolfpack Run Club

    Wolves are social animals and occasionally a lone wolf will break off from a pack to join another pack or form their own. Unlike wolves, Jon Suckling and Paul Brioux didn’t stray […]

  • 43. Get to Know the High Park Rogue Runners

    This week on the pod, we’re chatting with Dr. Meghan Hughes and Danielle O’Hanley, two members of The High Park Rogue Runners Executive Team. Both Meghan and Danielle found themselves at the […]

  • 42. Krista DuChene on Setting the Canadian 50K Record

    “I’ve traveled all over the world to race in big events and sometimes it comes down to those simple things that motivate you and push you to be your best and create […]

  • 41. Canada Race Organizers on Porta-Potties, Virtual Races, and The Future of Racing

    As the World starts to return to normal ways of living, we’re also starting to see the return of live racing in cities like Boston, New York, and elsewhere. So what does […]

  • 40. Celebrating 25 Years of The Toronto Pride & Remembrance Run

    In June, LGBTQ2S+ communities around the world come together to celebrate love, diversity and acceptance. The month of June was chosen to commemorate the riots held by members of the community against […]

  • 39. Aristotle Domingo on Losing His Legs to Reclaim His Life

    In 2001, Aristotle Domingo’s mom discovered him unconscious in the hallway in their home and he was rushed to the hospital where he lay in a coma, on life support, for the […]

  • 38. Rach McBride on Non-Binary Athlete Inclusion in Sports

    Rach McBride (they/them) is a three-time Ironman 70.3 champion, course record holder, and one of the strongest cyclists on the world circuit; very impressive for someone who got their start at the […]

  • 37. Rally Beer. The better (for you) beer

    After a nice, long run, or really any run for that matter, many runners like to reward themselves with a well deserved donut or their favorite post-run drink. While some may head […]

  • 36. Bernard Abarquez on running a marathon a week for 42 weeks at 42 years old

    When Bernard Abarquez turned 40, he celebrated by mapping out a 40 kilometre route that resulted in gps art representing 1979, the year he was born. A year later, he did it […]

  • 35. Aire Libre. Discover the World Through Running

    The literal translation of the words libre and aire from Spanish to English are free and air; however, together they form aire libre or outdoors. For Mauricio Díaz, running started as a […]

  • 34. Sté Hetherington: On Coaching, Superheroes, and Guinness World Records

    This week we’re joined by Sté Hetherington, who discovered he was an outstanding runner while playing rep soccer in his teens and joined the Etobicoke Track and Field Club in Grade 9, […]

  • 33. Food Runners: Run, Refuel, Relax, Repeat

    In 2014, Chuck Ortiz wanted to highlight the mental and physical stress many chefs and other industry folks experience due to long hours, intense conditions, and demanding customers. Initially he considered sharing […]

  • The Sprint 3. Celebrating Women With The Women Run Canada Podcast

    March is Women’s History Month and on this episode of The Sprint, we’re celebrating the incredible women in running. To help us, we’re joined by Kirsten Parker, Host of the Women Run […]

  • 32. Kat Stefankiewicz: Don’t Believe in Regrets

    Kat’s running journey started when she went through a challenging time ten years ago. At a time when Kat found herself competing for auditions as an on-air personality, running was her escape. […]

  • 31. Connor Emeny: Living an Intentional Life

    Connor Emeny learned about the importance of encouraging and motivating others while playing ball hockey with his older brothers. In University, Connor and two friends tried out for the triathlon club to […]

  • 30. Reid Coolsaet: Float On

    In this episode, we’re honoured to chat with one of Canada’s fastest marathon runners and two-time Olympic Athlete, Reid Coolsaet. Reid’s accomplishments and dominance at many of the popular races in the […]

  • 29. Chix Run the 6ix

    In this episode, we chat with Amanda Richardson and Kim Munro Roberts, two of the four founders of Chix Run The 6ix. We discuss their personal running journeys and what inspired them […]

  • The Sprint 2. Celebrating Black Runners

    In this episode of The Sprint past guests Olivia Levy and Melissa Doldron celebrate Black History Month by recapping interviews of past guests and discussing some of the great work happening in […]

  • 28. Fatma Ramadan: A Women’s Run

    Shortly after Fatma Ramadan relocated to Toronto to attend University, she experienced a heartbreaking event which resulted in her focusing on her health and wellbeing. Initially she started power walking, but over […]

  • 27. Mel Offner: Influence from Music to Motherhood

    From her early days working at a record label, writing for magazines, and touring with bands, music had a strong influence on Mel’s identity. Prior to the introduction of social media platforms […]

  • 26. Marcus Brown: The Power of Belief, Hard Work, and Representation

    You have doubts in your head and there’s times when you’re by yourself thinking how is this even possible and then you come through and you think actually when I believed in […]

  • The Sprint 1. Host Hot Seat: Q&A with Jonathan + Dre

    We’re back! For our first episode of Season Two, we’re introducing a format called, “The Sprint.” The Sprint is a short distance episode (see what we did there?) where we cover various […]

  • 25. Mike Krupica, Co-Founder Parkdale Roadrunners

    As we close out our first season of the podcast, it’s only fitting we invite someone who, together with a few friends, was responsible for putting the Toronto running community on the […]

  • 24. Pedro Malvar

    In this episode we chat with Pedro Malvar about his impact on the Toronto Running Community. We look back at Pedro’s introduction to athletics as a competitive curler and soccer player. When […]

  • 23. Lisa Sweetman

    Ten years ago, Lisa Sweetman had an MRI following a year of ill health and no clear answers to explain why. It was then that doctors identified a tumor in Lisa’s pituitary […]

  • 22. John Harrison Pockler

    Growing up in Germany, John Harrison Pockler’s introduction to running occurred at the age of 18 when his dad received an entry to the Berlin Marathon. John would end up participating in […]

  • 21. Heather Gardner

    It’s hard to imagine just 10 years ago the Toronto Running Community barely existed except for the 1 or 2 run crews just appearing on the scene. At the time, Heather Gardner […]

  • 20. Galan Yousuf

    Galan Yousuf’s first exposure to running came at an early age when his Elementary School basketball coach made the team run laps. In High School, Galan was invited to join the XC […]

  • 19. Run The Fifty

    This week the host becomes the guest as we discuss Jonathan’s recent experience becoming an ultramarathoner when he ran the Happy Trails Racing The Beav 50K course in the Hilton Falls Conservation […]

  • 18. Ekua Cudjoe

    Growing up the youngest of six children, Ekua Cudjoe watched her older siblings participate in various sports. As she got older, Ekua participated in almost every sport imaginable and, in High School, […]

  • 17. Marco Li

    When Marco Li noticed he was always one of the last runners to finish Elementary School XC races, he was so determined to improve, he started running every day when school ended. […]

  • 16. Chad Holt: Saucony Associate Product Line Manager

    If you’re a fan of Saucony shoes or simply like to stay informed on what’s happening in the industry, you’ll know the global running brand released their first carbon plated shoe, the […]

  • 15. We Run North York

    The We Run North York run crew may be relatively new to the Toronto community, having recently celebrated their one year anniversary, but you wouldn’t know it by the number of new […]

  • 14. Rejean Chiasson

    Growing up in a small fishing village in New Brunswick, Rejean’s first real exposure to running came when he joined the army, shortly after graduating high school. As a member of the […]

  • 13. Phil Suzor-Morin

    This week we chat with Phil Suzor-Morin. Back in 2003, Phil signed up for a half marathon and trained exclusively on a treadmill. After finishing the race, Phil felt unfulfilled and gave […]

  • 12. Jamal Burger: Founder of Kickback Connect

    This week we speak with Jamal Burger, Founder of Kickback Connect. We discuss Jamal’s vision for uplifting youth and how his love for sneakers turned into a youth-led organization whose impact is […]

  • 11. Sasha Gollish

    This week we chat with Sasha Gollish, one of Canada’s most decorated competitive runners. Sasha opens up about the impact her parents had on her childhood and ultimately her decision to quit […]

  • 10. Chris “Hawaii” DeKoning

    In our 10th episode, we chat with Toronto’s running ambassador, Chris DeKoning about skateboarding, cats, and the hilarious (we think so!) story behind the nickname, “Hawaii.” We were joking that year, we […]

  • 9. Richard Kuchinsky

    In this week’s episode, Richard Kuchinsky from the Directive Collective tells us how designing running shoes for 10 years led to him becoming a runner and ultimately one of the most sought […]

  • 8. Forbidden 5

    This week we’re speaking with the organizers of the Forbidden 5 race and we get them to spill the beans on everything we wanted to know about their popular race, except their […]


  • Essential listening!

    I found this podcast a few weeks ago and it is no exaggeration to say that André and Jonathan’s compelling discussions of all things running is keeping me sane through this pandemic. Absolutely loving this, keep up the brilliant work!

  • Must listen each week!

    Look forward to TLS each week! Love the variety and diversity of the guests and crews. Highlighting amazing athletes & groups and their stories but also shining a light on important issues in our running community and the world at large.

  • Great episode & overall podcast

    Chix run the 6ix are inspirational ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • My go to podcast

    Love the diversity of the guest and how you can relate to them

  • A great listen for Runners by Runners!

    Love how they bring awareness to different topics impacting the running community including support for BIPOC and women runners.

  • Insightful

    Diverse guests, great conversations! Love this podcast!!

  • 100% best running podcast

    Insightful and a great listen!

  • If you love running – this is for you!

    Excellent podcast with a great diversity of guests. Very entertaining and informative. If you love running this is a must-listen!

  • Very entertaining & informative!

    Love this podcast. Great to hear different insights on running & love all the guest speakers.

  • Entertaining and inspirational!

    Enjoying the Toronto based podcast on runs and bikes, getting better every week!