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2. Brendan Carpenter

Brendan Carpenter always struggled with his weight, even as an active child and young adult. Several years ago, Brendan experienced two events where he was publicly humiliated resulting in the decision to make a change. Brendan joined a gym and eventually started running. It wasn’t always easy and he did experience a few setbacks along the way, but Brendan never quit.

If my words or what I write or what I do inspires 1 person or 100, but even if that person is myself, then it’s worth it to share it.

Brendan Carpenter

After winning a radio contest for a local race, Brendan’s focus shifted from weight loss to personal accomplishments. He would ultimately finish the race with an incredible time and hasn’t looked back. Brendan’s weight loss journey has transformed into a fitness journey where he leverages his Tik Tok and Instagram online presence to inspire others by sharing his runs as well as the workouts he performs in his “Shred Shed.”

We’ll also discuss the running community in both Toronto and Peterborough, what’s next for Brendan’s running journey, and what advice he has for those looking to start running.

To learn more about Brendan, you can follow him on Instagram at: @brecarperuns

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1. Frontrunners Toronto

Frontrunners Toronto was founded in 1987 as a chapter of the International Frontrunners organization. The LGBTQ+ run crew is made up of runners and friends of all abilities, from novices to advanced runners, for recreation, health and friendship. 

It’s nice to have a no pressured event to go to that’s fun. where you can get to know people and just not feel scared to be yourself.

Scott Joudrey – Frontrunners Toronto

In this episode, we are joined by Lisa Sweetman (@thislisasweetman), one of the newest team members of Runners of the Six as well as two members of the Frontrunners Toronto Executive team, Val Leon (@valemouse14) and Scott Joudrey (@sjoudrey). We’ll discuss the importance of having an LGBTQ+ run crew in Toronto and how running communities and races be more inclusive of the LGBT2Q+ community.

To learn more about Frontrunners Toronto, you can follow them on Instagram at: @frontrunnerstoronto

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0. Intro

Welcome to The Longest Stride podcast! In this debut episode, we’ll introduce you to your co-hosts Jonathan (@runthesix) and Dre (@dreizle) and attempt to explain why we started this podcast.

The goal is to bring you a new episode each week! Let’s go!

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